AOS Western Canada Judging Center Results from the CVIOS Show

At the AOS Western Canada Judging Center’s show judging at the Central Vancouver Island Orchid Society Show on February 1, 2019, the following AOS awards were granted:

(Please note that all awards are considered provisional until paperwork and payment is processed by AOS and published in Orchids Plus)

AOS Show Trophy ‘Memoria Erik Davis’

ST/AOS 82pts (20196600)

Exhibitor: Bryan Emery

Photo courtesy of Ed Higham

Photo courtesy of Ed Higham

Dendrobium bellatulum ‘The Habour City Glow’

CCE/AOS 90pts (20196601)

Exhibitor: Alexey Tretyakov

20196601a small.jpg
Photos courtesy of Judith Higham

Photos courtesy of Judith Higham

Paphiopedilum Hung Sheng Lucky Girl ‘Lori’s Surprise’

(Paphiopedilum Hung Sheng Bay x Paphiopedilum Shin-Yi Madura)

HCC/AOS 79pts (20196602)

Exhibitor: Lori Barrington

20196602a small.jpg
Photo courtesy of Judith Higham

Photo courtesy of Judith Higham

Next monthly meeting:

March 2, 2019 : 2:00pm (after Victoria Orchid Society Show Judging) at Our Lady of Fatima Church, 4635 Elk Lake Drive, Victoria BC

CVIOS Orchid Show & Sale

CVIOS Display Table

CVIOS Display Table

A note from our AOS chair Darlene Rathwell:

For me, as a newbie, the show was wonderful. I leaned so much from members about organization and setup and from the exhibits and exhibitors.

I heard numerous comments about how enchanting the orchids were, how fabulous the displays were and how much visitors liked the show tables and diversity of orchids. It was fun talking to the visitors – there seems to be lots of orchid enthusiasts out there of all degrees.

Thank you to all the contributors and members who helped make our show a success. Thank you, Alexey, for the two wonderful orchids – they were the stars of the silent auction. Also, thank you Laurie and friends for the lovely orchid pots and books. Thank you, Paramount Orchids for the book and plant which also garnered a lot of attention on the auction table.

A big shout out to our 2019 show committee, Darlene, Laurie, Sheila, Valerie and Suzanne. Without the hard work from these members the CVIOS show could not happen.

Suzanne, Valerie, Laurie, Darlene and Sheila – The CVIOS show committee

Suzanne, Valerie, Laurie, Darlene and Sheila – The CVIOS show committee

AOS Nominated and awarded plants:

Bryan Emery’s Award winning display

Bryan Emery’s Award winning display

- Bryan Emery's display AOS Show Trophy 82pts
- Dendrobium bellatulum 'The Harbour City Glow' CCE/AOS 90pts
- Paphiopedilum Hung Shen Lucky Girl 'Lori's Surprise' HCC/AOS 79pts - Paphiopedilum Debora nominated, not scored
- Holcostylis Pink Yawi nominated, not scored
- Paphiopedilum Rosy Dawn nominated, not scored
- Lepanthes escobariana nominated, not scored
- Coelogyne sparsa nominated, not scored
- Paphiopedilum micranthum var. eburneum nominated, not scored
- Paphiopedilum tranlienianum nominated, not scored
- Cattleya Chester nominated, not scored
- Cattleya Pearlouis nominated, not scored
- Oncidium Teipels Mitternacht nominated, not scored

“For the love of orchids!”

“For the love of orchids!”