Orchid Retailers and Supplies:

CVIOS Meeting

Join us at a monthly CVIOS meeting. Different varieties of potting mix and supplies are available for sale. There is usually plants for sale as well.

Paramount Orchids

Paramount Orchids was started in 1995 and currently has approximately 35,000 orchid plants growing in our Parksville, BC greenhouses, most of which are intermediate to warm growing. We carry a very good selection of oncidium intergenerics (oncidiums, miltonias, brassias, odontoglossums, odontonias, odontocidiums, colmanaras, burragearas, vuylstekearas, brassidiums, miltonidiums, wilsonaras, miltassias, etc), as well as many different paphiopedilums, cattleya types, some phalaenopsis, many different dendrobiums and masdevallias as well as a very wide variety of orchid species and unusual hybrids. 

Brads Greenhouse

Brads Greenhouse Carnivorous Plant Sales Canada, So many Carnivorous Plants for sale! Specializing in Nepenthes Pitcher Plants, Sarracenia Pitcher Plants, Venus Flytraps (Dionaea), Sundews (Drosera) , Butterworts (Pinguicula), Heliamphora, Cephalotus, Utricularia, Darlingtonia & Orchids!

 Forestview Gardens

We deliver healthy, well cared for orchids plus we also offer growing support to all our customers.Our orchids are very easy to grow in the average home. Most of the varieties that we offer, are ideal for growing on a window sill or under fluorescent lights. We take pride in offering high quality, healthy plants at reasonable prices.

Tropical Garden Orchids

Founded in 1999, Tropical Gardens Orchids is a family-owned nursery located in Richmond, B.C. The founder, Calvin Wong, is an experienced orchid grower & hybridizer, he is an accredited judge of the American Orchid Society (AOS), Vice Chair of the AOS Western Canada Judging Centre, and Past President of the Canadian Orchid Congress (COC). Calvin often judges various orchid shows internationally and are invited to different speaking engagements in North America. He is also published in various publications, such as the Orchid Digest. We strive to bring you the newest and the best quality of Orchids at great prices. We specialize in unique,rare but easy to grow species and hybrids.

Ravenvision Orchid Supplies

Our primary target market is hobby orchid growers.  We carry an extensive line of pots and growing media for people growing at home, on a windowsill, under lights,  or in small greenhouses.  We also carry a growing line of accessories and additives   Our goal is to provide amateur growers with everything they need to feed their passion and successfully bloom these wonders of nature.