AOS results

AOS Western Canada Judging Centre Results from the Vancouver Orchid Society Show on March 23, 2019

At the AOS Western Canada Judging Center’s show judging at the Vancouver Orchid Society Show on March 23, 2019, the following AOS awards were granted:

(please note that all awards are considered provisional until paperwork and payment is processed by AOS and published in Orchids Plus)

Pleione formosana ‘Meetings at CVIOS’

CCM/AOS 87pts (20196640)

Exhibitor: Alexey Tretyakov

20196640a small.jpg
20196640b small.jpg

Phalaenopsis Cindy Li ‘Paige’

(Phalaenopsis gigantea ‘Paul van’ x Phalaenopsis Marie’s Delight ‘Patrick’)

AM/AOS 80pts (20196641)

Exhibitor: Pat Van Adrichem | Kingfisher Orchids

20196641a small.jpg
20196641b small.jpg

Paphiopedilum Franz Glanz ‘Tak Fai’

(Paphiopedilum armeniacum x Paphiopedilum emersonii)

HCC/AOS 77pts (20196642)

Exhibitor: Calvin Wong | Tropical Gardens Orchids

20196642b small.jpg
20196642a small.jpg

The AOS Western Judging Centre results are prepared and distributed by Abu Salleh - many thanks for his permission to post the results.

All photographs are courtesy of Judith Higham.

Post published by Melanie Norris.